Richard started his career in the industry in 1987.  After serving his apprenticeship with a panel specialist he moved on to work for both BMW and Ford developing his skill in accident repair and paint. With these years of experience under his belt he looked for a new challenge and Richard then moved on to technical paint development and application where he worked for International paint suppliers troubleshooting paint application issues and equipment set up. 


Motorsport has always been a passion and it started with some weekend motocross and it's developed into a full wheel obsession racing Autograss in the 1980s. The racing continues but his efforts soon moved on to support both his son and daughters racing careers, both with some considerable success. 


After restoring and modifying an Alfa 75 as a track day car, the owner was so pleased with the results he offered Richard the use of the premises to enable him to paint and restore cars on a full-time basis again. 


In September 2016 Riccardi Classics was born. Since inception Riccardi Classics has gone from strength to strength and Richard now specialises in the unusual and some would say challenging. 


With over 30 years of experience at every level within the industry Riccardi Classics are able to offer a wide range of services in the highly specialised field of paint, coatings, restoration and modification.


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